The world we live in today demands audio and visual interaction with your audience at the highest level of quality and AVR Studios is that creative hub where those ideas are brought to life not only for The Paul Aarrington Group but for many other media needing clients. AVR Studios is the full gambit. We're capable of full production from photography, video production, editing, audio production, music production down to a finished master or fully rendered professional video.


Our projects range from producing and editing podcast files both video and audio using some of the best quality industry software. Need sounds for a relaxation or meditation video, we have an rich library of sounds from several vintage and world class synthesisers. So your a dj looking for a unique dj mix or even remix a song exclusive to your set we can give you that polished sound that is unmatched. Want to take your project to the next level contact us and well get your project going. If your producing a podcast or music and don't know how to get your product out there our PIII Media division can handle your distribution needs.